10 Manhwa from 2022 that you need to start reading

As you would expect, with the arrival of a new year there are hundreds (if not thousands) of new Manhwas and Webtoons being released.

Some of them are good and some of them are just another take on gamified dungeon bullshit.

But there are 10 of them that you can’t pass up and need to read right now…

It is worth noting that not all of these Manhwas were released now in early 2022, but also very close to the end of 2021 so understand that there is an acceptable margin to enter this list.

So without further ado

The Healing Priest of the Sun

The Healing Priest of the Sun

In The Healing Priest of The Sun, we are introduced to Kai. He’s an MD Online player who is one of the most famous games at the moment, but what sets Kai apart from other players is his choice of class.

Although many want to be a DPS or Tanker, Kai chose to be a Cleric. He learned early on that if he did the right thing with others, sooner or later something good would happen to him. Personally, I think that his class should be Monk, just saying…food for thought.

Because of this Kai actually acts as if he were a real Cleric, helping players and NPCs. Even if it makes people see him seems like a pushover.

Until one day while helping one of the NPCs, he is betrayed and in his moment of greatest need begins to pray to “God”. At this point, he triggers an in-game event that allows him to perform a test to be a “Priest of the Sun” a Mythic and extremely OP class.

This class has the Kindness attribute that allows each good deed you perform in the game to increase any player’s attribute by one point.

Kai then sets out into the world of MD Online performing good deeds while wanting to find out more about what happened to him.

Healing Priest of the Sun is extremely well-drawn, with gorgeous and fine art. It also has light humor tones, that make each chapter engaging and fun to follow.

Right now it has a little more than 20 chapters and it started a short time ago, so it’s still not possible to understand what the main plot is. But even in the first chapters, it is already possible to get hooked on. 

The Return of The Disaster-Class Hero

The Return of The Disaster-Class Hero

Return of The Disaster-Class Hero is the kind of manhwa you have to stop everything to go read.

In this universe in the year 2000, monsters started to appear all over the world. These monsters were called Calamities and they were simply unstoppable due to their overwhelming power.

It was then that 12 gods, each representing a constellation, decided to bless a group of humans so that they would have some chance of surviving… Editor? That’s not the franchise we are talking about, be a good boy and fix it up… that’s better.

It was then that 12 gods, each representing a constellation, decided to bless a group of humans so they would have some chance of… SO THEY WOULD CLIMB THE 12 TEMPLES AND SAVE ATHENA… MOTHER FUCKER, SHUT UP, SHUT THE FUCK UP, THAT’S NOT THE PLOT, IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO SAINT SEIYA. OK? Are we good? Well, as I was saying, the gods decided to bless a group of humans so that they would have some chance of surviving

However, in addition to the 12 chosen Saints, there was another person who began to present powers. This is our protagonist, Lee Geon.

Lee had no blessing from any constellation and yet he is stronger than any other Saints.

Our story begins to unfold when Lee’s best friend Hugo Otters, who is the Sagittarius Saint… Don’t you dare!… Predicts his friend’s death during the next mission. However, Lee, being the strongest, does not believe the prediction and goes along with the group to face the Demon Tower.

What Lee didn’t expect was that he would be betrayed. While Hugo was protecting the exit of the tower, the other Saints who have nothing saint alike left Lee to face the Boss alone.

The world then celebrated the end of Demon Tower, Lee though dead was celebrated as a hero. The Saints became even more famous and rich, except for Hugo who continued to believe that his friend was still alive in the tower.

After 20 years Lee finally finishes exterminating the remains of the Demon Tower and is ready to start his revenge on the “Saints”.

This is a manhwa with some of the best art and action scenes, each chapter is eye-catching. Something that Solo Leveling knew how to do very well.

Return of The Disaster-Class Hero knows how to control the number of characters well, thus having time to explore the relationships and details of each character very well and not only being on top of the protagonist. It is without a doubt one of the BEST to read. 

Is this Hero for Real?

Is this Hero for Real?

Like all good Isekai, another class of students was taken to another world. 

Soon there will be no more students in Japan and Korea…

This time to the world of Fantasia. Where a beautiful goddess welcomes this group of heroes who have come to protect this world from the threat of the Great Demon King.

Again, as in all good Isekai, the gang is super excited and hyped for their powers and the adventure that lies ahead. Focus on that word! LIES.

Except for Kang who asks to return to Earth. He worries about his parents and that he can’t be a worthy hero if he’s going to harm his family by being missed.

The goddess then bids farewell to the Hero and teleports him back to earth. And everybody lives happily forever after… IF IT WASN’T ALL A LIE! 

Kang is actually transported to a distant place in Fantasia to die by the hand of monsters and hide the fact that there is no way back to earth. He was also cursed, preventing him from gaining XP when facing his opponents and not being able to understand the language they speak in this world.

Fantasia is just like a D&D kind of world but the upside-down. Summoning Heroes is seen as entertainment for the pantheon of gods. There is no way to learn magic, only to inherit it. You don’t need to train with swords as there is a magical tea that accelerates your learning. Everything is fucked up.

It remains for us to follow Kang trying to survive in a world where he is not welcome and his desire to take revenge on those who brought him to this suffering.

Is this Hero for Real? doesn’t have a super different or innovative plot than what we’ve seen in other Isekais. What sets it apart is its execution and characters. In many isekai, the characters who are not the main hero are little explored and gradually left aside. So far the plot has shown itself to be super interested in presenting not only Kang but his entire class.

It also has a good approach to world-building and the relationships between Kang’s rivals and enemies.

Ultra Alter

Ultra Alter

Ultra Alter starts by introducing us to Lee (I’m not going to try to say this surname). Who is known for being a Healer Shuttle. His schoolmates force him to play this class and carry them on quests in exchange for him not getting beaten up.

But Lee hates having to play like this, his main character is an Avenger. A class that is little used because it is very risky since it receives buffs whenever it takes damage.

Until one day while he was grinding to gather potions for his bullies, a popup appears on his screen. It prompts if he wants to log out with the current character.

Lee doesn’t understand the question and confirms it.

That’s when the plot begins to thicken. The game starts altering his appearance in real life until it matches the characters in the game.

And then the tutorial begins…

Lee will play the same, but this time it takes place in real life. Facing monsters and other players every night, just trying to stay alive.

Ultra Alter has a lot of fun interactions and a new perspective on the plot of games mixed with real life. The action scenes are good, but the coolest thing is the challenges and the planning it takes to stay alive in the game. Even more when you have to face PKs in real life (which would be just killers). All of this will keep you hooked on the plot as you progress through each chapter.

Duke Pendragon

Duke Pendragon

Raven Valt and his entire family are traitors. Traitors of the worst kind. Those who go against their nation and plan to overthrow their own king.

Or at least that’s what the nobles made it out to be.

For the false betrayal of the Valt family, everyone was murdered, except for Raven who was punished by having to spend 10 years on the edge of the empire fighting the worst monsters that exist.

There are only two things in Raven’s mind: his will to survive and his desire for revenge.

But no one wants an heir to the Valt family to return. So for his last mission, Raven will have an almost impossible quest. But it seems to be less impossible since he’ll have at least the support of a real dragon and the last heir of House Pendragon, Eren Pendragon.

And after a difficult battle against a horde of monsters, something really strange happens, Eren and his dragon simply stop battling. This leads to their utter defeat and at the last moment before Raven dies powerful magic is completed.

Just like that, Raven wakes up. Ten years younger, but in the body of Eren Pendragon.

Duke Pendragon mixes several genres into one, such as management, isekai, and revenge. The plot itself is not something super innovative. But the excellence in writing and drawing makes it very fun to read and to string along.

Quest Supremacy

Quest Supremacy

Kim is bullied every single day at school. He prays that one day his life will change. Heavily influenced by novels, he hopes a Status Window will appear and save him.

After another day of being humiliated, he starts yelling STATUS WINDOW, And when he finally gives up, it appears for the first time to our protagonist.

The Status Window starts offering small quests. Each quest brings bonuses that can be anything from growing 3 cm (1.1 inches) or learning how to jab like a pro. And if Kim gives up on any of those quests, he’ll lose each and every one of his rewards.

With each mission that passes we learn more about the world and the battles that take place between the bullies themselves. 

Quest Supremacy has a very simple concept, which by the way started to have many similar ones by the end of 2021. But it’s very fun, even when sometimes it has a more serious plot it still carries a light sense of humor.

Archmage Streamer

Archmage Streamer

Archmage Streamer starts like so many others manhwas with gaming mechanics. It introduces to us this new game: God War.

The game is so famous that being a streamer or even a player in a big guild gives them almost infinite money.

But unlike other games, this is a gaccha. (Cof cof Genshin Impact Cof Cof)

Your class and the quests you receive are completely random and if you want to try your luck again you have to pay some serious money. $$$

So players who are filthy rich tend to do much better than the general public. Hyeon is our protagonist and unfortunately, he is one of the unluckiest players out there and so although he spent a high amount of money he still doesn’t have a powerful character.

Even so, he continues to play to earn money for his family, but his brother constantly has to go to the hospital.

Until one day while walking home. He is electrocuted and upon waking up finds outs his fingerprint was damaged.

Unfortunately, to enter God War you need to have a fingerprint check and therefore our Protagonist needs to create a new character from scratch and now with no money at all.

When everything was going south, for the first time he had a little bit of luck in the game. And receives the Archmage class which is a Legendary Class.

… maybe now his fate will change.

Archmage Streamer brings several topics already covered in other titles, but in a more updated way even for the reality we see in games at the moment, such as Streaming or Pay 2 Win.

Talent-Swallowing Magician

Talent-Swallowing Magician

In a world where magic is needed to accomplish anything, Elric our MC, sadly, doesn’t have a drop of mana. He is enrolled in the greatest school of magic and even though he is one of the smartest students, he still cannot use magic.

To prove to everyone that he is capable and that it will be possible to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, the greatest mage that ever lived, Elric continues to study and seek new ways to acquire mana.

Until one day, his best friend explains that they’ve finally found a dragon’s lair and maybe this is his chance to find a solution to all his problems.

What no one expected is that in this lair there would be the remains of the Demon King sealed. To make matters worse, Elric would be able to fuse with demons.

The manhwa knows how to make good use of having a shameless protagonist who only cares about his friends. Plus the interactions between Elric and the Demon King are pretty funny.

For now, Talent-Swallowing Magician has not yet entered its main plot, but so far it promises a lot and is well worth reading.

The S-Classes That I Raised

The S-Classes That I Raised

Han has always been a responsible boy and since the death of his parents, he has been parent-like to his younger brother Yeon. Han worked constantly to make ends meet. Living just to support his little brother.

Until one day. Portals start to open all over the world and several people start to receive amazing powers.

Yeon quickly rose to be a world-renowned S-tier Hunter and leader of one of the biggest guilds in the world.

Han on the other hand is a failed F-level Hunter who only has the power to buff people for a few seconds. Unsuccessful and forgotten by his little brother. Han tries his best to increase his power so that he may one day get closer to Yeon again.

During what seemed like a common mission, a dragon appears one of the rarest monsters in dungeons. Han almost passes away but is saved by his little brother. At death’s door, Han discovers that his brother was always trying to protect him. Yeon had to be distant so his older brother wouldn’t become a target by rival guilds.

After defeating the dragon, Han receives the power to go back in time once and a small power boost. Upon returning to the past he makes peace with Yeon.

With the new chance that Han has been given, he decides that this time he’ll be helpful to his little brother. Using his knowledge from the future and a new skill received after defeating the dragon.

This new skill makes him the Super Caretaker. Han has the ability to identify people who will be the strongest in the world and improve their growth rate.

That’s how Han intends to go about his life raising S-Class Hunters.

The S-Classes That I Raised brings some differences and innovations in the style of dungeons, but the most interesting thing is that our protagonist is weak. This puts him in a lot of new positions and the need to constantly be looking for new people he can train with.

Hoarding in Hell

Hoarding In Hell

In a world where everyone is earning lots of money by fighting monsters coming from dungeons, Kang was unlucky and didn’t get any power.

So he ended up having to become a garbage collector, but with a little more risk. He specializes in picking up garbage from monsters that have broken out of dungeons.

After finishing another day of work, Kang receives news that his father has passed away and left an item as an heirloom. Kang had always lived alone and didn’t know there were still any relatives alive.

His father left him a necklace, a stone of return. It allows anyone in a dungeon to be teleported out safely.

Finally, when Kang wears the necklace, he is teleported. But into the last dungeon, the real world. He is transported to the future, where the human race has failed to defend the earth.

Now it’s his turn to survive hell.

Hoarding in Hell is a manhwa with a great story. But what draws a lot of attention is the care they take with each character. Whether it is the main character or a monster in a dungeon, they are given due time and development. Plus it’s really fun to see Kang having to balance the times he’s pulled into the future, with his real life.

Well, this is the TOP 10.

Leave below in the comments if there is any manhwa from 2022 that I haven’t talked about and why it is so good.

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